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We advise on business formation and procedures. This extends to incorporation of new companies and compliance with the regulatory laws governing the operation of a particular business. We have a comprehensive knowledge of commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, market regulation, partnership and joint ventures, legal due diligence and corporate strategic risk management.

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Our firm provides comprehensive advice on all banking operations including secured and unsecured loans, multi currency and syndicate loans, and insolvency practice.

The firm has over the years negotiated financing arrangements with international lending institutions, export credit agencies, and multilateral guarantee institutions. We additionally provide litigation services to several of Nigeria’s banks on the issues of debt recovery and mortgage agreements.

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We offer advice on insurance policies with a view to greatly minimizing risk involved in business operation. To that extent we offer advice to insures, re-insurers, credit reference agencies, financial institutions and individuals. It includes drafting and construction of policy terms.

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Our lawyers are qualified arbitrators and mediators and are highly experienced in all aspect of Alternative Dispute Resolution including conciliation and reconciliation. We have advised diverse clients in complex disputes with large organisation, and obviating where possible, the need for contentious court proceedings and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for the contending parties.    

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Marketing and advertising your products or services effectively is a key to the success of your business. However, all businesses have a legal responsibility to ensure that any advertising claims are truthful and that your marketing activities don’t break the law.

Advertising in Nigeria is regulated by a combination of federal and state laws, subsidiary legislation and guidelines. Different rules apply to different products under the three main agencies responsible for regulating advertisement in Nigeria being the Advertising Practitioner’s Council of Nigeria (APCON), the National Agency for food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC).

Our lawyers remain poised to advise you and to carry out your instructions without any delay.

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Whether you are a small business, large company, or individual, we can help you in perfecting your contract agreement by negotiating, drafting, and execute legally enforceable agreements like business contract and independent contractor agreements. We represent clients in disputes pertaining to breach of contract and breach of both implied warranties.

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We provide clients with legal advice pertaining to registration and protection of their Trademark, Patent, Design and Copyright. It include surveillance, enforcement and opposition proceedings (anti-counterfeiting) offering entrepreneurs and manufacturers the opportunity to maintain exclusivity in order to maximize return on their investment.   

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International law has its basis in international customs, international conventions or treaties, and general principles of law. A rule must derive from one of these three sources in order to be considered international law.

International law is basically the law that governs the general relations between or among states or nations. Individual responsibility under international law is particularly significant in the context of prosecuting of prosecuting war criminal and the development of international Human Rights. Our lawyers are well conversant to this area of law.

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We advise, manage and handle all kinds of property and real estate transactions. These include but not limited to buying, selling, lease and mortgages. Thus, we draft all the contractual documents relating to land which includes leasehold agreement; mortgage documentation; re-financing instrument; Deed of Assignment; Power of Attorney etc.

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We offer clients advice and insight into the Nigeria’s Oil and Gas Sector. The commercialization of oil and gas discoveries, oil mining leases, the key provisions of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act, Petroleum Act, Crude Oil ( Transportation and Shipment) Regulations, et al.

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The energy industry is by its nature a complex one, and so are its legal matters. Businesses that explore, develop, produce, store, market, transport and process energy resource are always among the most capital intensive from business combination to raising capital.

We monitor trends in the industry with our knowledge and experience in advising our clients. The need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, growing global demand of energy means that government and energy companies globally are faced with some of the most complex and challenging decisions that will have an impact not only on economic prosperity but also on the long-term health of environment.

All these factors make this an exciting industry to work in, and one that require its advisers to have sector specific knowledge.

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We help our clients to minimize and avoid risk, protect their interests, and grow their businesses. We advise clients on how to comply with regulations governing some products in Nigeria in order to have a wider market for their business. Therefore, we give clients insight into the operation and regulations of National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control which is government agency responsible for the regulation and control the manufacture, importation, exportation, distribution, advertisement, sale and use of food, drugs, cosmetics, chemicals, detergent etc.   

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We offer immigration law advice to foreigners, organisations, trade missions, students and entrepreneurs seeking to transact legitimate business in Nigeria. This extends to the law around expatriate quotas, residency permit, visa related matter and the full operation of the Immigration Act, 1990. We have good working relationships with the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Nigerian Immigration Service and other institutions.    

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We handle matters related to the possession, distribution and trafficking of illicit drugs. Charged with any of the offenses, you have come to the right place. We advise on the operation of the law enforcement agencies as it concerns drug offenses. National Drug Law Enforcement Agency is the Federal agency in Nigeria charged with the responsibility of eliminating the growing, processing, manufacturing, selling, exporting and trafficking of hard drugs.

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We offer clear, practical and result oriented legal advice on all aspect of employment and labour law. We advise where workplace dispute arises like unlawful termination of employment and also offer valuable insight into the best way to establish and implement realistic and reliable employment and labour practices. We handle labour related matters for clients at the National Industrial Court of Nigeria.

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We advise on all aspect of relationship breakdown, including the financial implications and arrangement for your children. Our clients include city professionals, entrepreneurs, celebrities and independently wealthy along with their partners etc.

We advise clients essentially on Marriage Act,  Matrimonial Causes Act, Wills Act and dissolution of marriages whether statutory or customary marriage.

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Our firm is actively involved in admiralty and maritime practice, offering advice on the purchase and registration of vessels, their maintenance as well as financing. We have to this extent been involved in negotiating charter parties, shipbuilding contracts, and fleet management contracts, litigating claims involving arrest and release of vessels and enforcing court orders for and on behalf of ship owners and ship charterers.

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We advise incorporated and unincorporated bodies on their obligation on tax and the benefits they can derive from the tax laws like waivers and exemptions from tax. Our tax advice and litigation services are highly effective  and offers to clients on Corporate Tax, Income Tax, Petroleum profits tax, Stamp Duties, value added tax.

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We advise on this area of law especially as it concerns the Nigerian Mineral and Mining Act, 2017 which governs this area of law in Nigeria for the purposes of regulating the exploration and exploitation of solid materials in Nigeria. Our lawyers have a wealth of knowledge on the operation of this industry.


We offer advice on constitutionality of an action, Human Rights breaches, procedural irregularities by government agencies including but not limited to election petition matters.

This extends to litigation, statutory construction of both civil and criminal laws and representation of clients in court. Irrespective of the complexity of the matter, our application to each case is consistent, focused and tailored to a unique demand of every case on its particular merit.

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Facing any type of criminal allegation can be frightening and, in order to achieve the most favorable outcome possible, you need to make sure you have a highly experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side. At Horizon Chambers, we stand up for the rights of individuals who have been arrested or charged with a wide variety of criminal offenses under the Federal and States laws.

If your civil rights have been violated, you have the right to hold the party that violated your right liable for the harm they caused. Many civil rights cases stem from unlawful discrimination, police brutality, false arrest, among other wrongful acts. We help victims of civil rights violations to recover for financial losses and emotional distress, and more.  

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